Our People

We’re a diverse bunch. Designers, creatives, digital artists, videographers and animators. We’re all about keeping the process simple. We think pragmatically, produce efficiently and execute superbly.

12 top notch characters make up the EightyOne family of fun.


Matt West

Partner & Business Director

That would make Matt our driving force and strategic compass…

Where’s North?


Jo Lewis

Project Manager

Jo is our cool, calm ‘make it happener’…

Cool like ice?


Zelle Read

Senior Designer

Zelle is the slayer of all things creative and complex…

What about the details?


Annelise McKendry

Junior Designer

Annelise brings a wisdom and attitude to the team well beyond her years…

Wisdom and youth?


Ahmad Habash

Director / Editor / Animator

Ahmad is quite often the guy in the room you want to stand next to…

One smart cookie then?


Chris Bleackley


Chris is our in-house genius who heads up OneSunday…

How many Sundaes?


Madeleine Cook

Account Director

Mads has a passion for the science of the art…

How scientific can the art be?