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Child Poverty Monitor

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Children's Commissioner

Hope for a bright future

Every year, The Child Poverty Monitor shares independent, accurate data about child poverty and its impact on New Zealand society. EightyOne was challenged to create a positive and ambitious digital world that tells a story about what it will look and feel like to reach the government’s targets for reducing child poverty by 2028. 

This ‘new world’ needed to translate across animation, print and other digital media, a challenge that we wholeheartedly embraced. It was also a great opportunity to work closely with our sister company Octave and the talented Moses Illustration in a sprint to create an interactive web platform.

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"We’re blown away by the website, it's so much more than we ever could have hoped for." – Rachael Bowie from Children’s Commissioner
At EightyOne we love the problem of translating data into relatable, engaging visualisations.
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We wanted to create a world as seen through the eyes of children; joyful, colourful, nurturing and full of opportunity.


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