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David Reid Homes

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David Reid Homes

It all starts with a blank page…

David Reid Homes asked us to create a platform that is true to their unique processes and outcomes. We set out to speak to their high level of craft in building and design and their core message, Designed for You. 

Our idea is that everything starts with a blank piece of paper. We wanted to show that designing a house with David Reid Homes is an effortless process with an impeccable level of craftsmanship.

Whilst the concept was beautifully simple, making a piece of paper grow and morph into a real home was no mean feat. Luckily we know some expert paper craftsman and working together with our friends at National Park we brought the concept to life through hundreds of paper models and dedicated people hours.

The video sets David Reid Homes apart from it's competition in craft and design.
The home of your dreams starts with a blank piece of paper.
Hundreds of hours of paper-craft went on behind the scenes.


Consume a sample of some fast paced creative eye candy here.