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Have you seen this squirrel?

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Fix & Fogg

A not-so-secret squirrel

This inquisitive creature had been seen around town in the days leading up to the crime, but nobody suspected there were plans to break into the Fix & Fogg Eva Street window. The burglary took place after hours and the squirrel made off with a stash of the irresistible product.  

A public plea was issued to find the perpetrator with requests of sightings and photos of the squirrel. Witnesses who shared evidence were rewarded with a jar of the newest creation from F&F.  Before the break-in the squirrel had been photographed and filmed hundreds, if not thousands of times around Wellington as it enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city. Even Breakfast TV started asking what he was up to.

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Security cameras captured the burglar breaking into the Fix & Fogg window and squirrel sightings started to pour in.

Justice is served

By now the squirrel was feeling the heat, and stashes of the stolen product started to appear around town. Luckily it was quickly recovered by loyal Fix & Fogg followers.

The chase finally ended when the suspect was apprehended. Wanting to put the whole unfortunate incident behind them, CEO Roman Jewell saw an opportunity for restorative justice and employed the remorseful squirrel.

The squirrel was approached for comment on this story but declined.


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