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Money Week

To promote conversation during Money Week, we interviewed ‘the locals’, aiming to make financial responsibility both digestible and relatable for the every-day Kiwi. The 2017 theme of Debt can be an uncomfortable topic for many. Kiwibank were keen for a light-hearted approach to break the ice around this 'cagey' subject matter. 

We're looking to create well-crafted, snackable stories that are relatable and put smiles on faces.
These locals encourage Kiwis to join the conversation on debt.

Conservation Week meets Labour Day 

Kiwibank are extremely proud to partner with DOC in supporting the Conservation Dogs Programme. These canine heroes help find our protected species and catch unwanted pests. As Conservation Week collides with Labour Day, Kiwibank wanted to celebrate the two together across their social media platforms. We created an homage to these tirelessly working dogs, who even on our national holiday are out loving what they do.

A beautiful celebration of what Kiwi's love; our natural heritage and getting the time to enjoy it.

Mother's Day

We love our mums! As StopPress put it, EightyOne chose to show off the “personal good (and the cringeworthy embarrassment) of having mum at your side.” Mums deserve all the praise they get, and this social content piece is a nostalgic reminder of all the good they do – welcome or not!

A decidedly Kiwi tribute to motherhood.

Matariki – Māori New Year

Just like the New Year that we celebrate in summer, the Māori observation of New Year is a time to pause, reflect, celebrate and share with loved ones and the wider community alike. We sought to give seasonal context to Matariki by positioning it as a winter celebration for all New Zealanders.

With Kiwibank we get to passionately tell uniquely Kiwi stories that are both entertaining and meaningful.


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