OnMAS magazine

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A year of OnMAS

We worked closely with Sputnik and MAS to establish a series of content pillars that were to drive the new publication. With this new focus in place, the quarterly magazine has transitioned into a future-focused, progressive and well-rounded publication. 

A significant focus for us is to deliver information in a fresh and unexpected way to a traditional readership. We've married bespoke illustration and infographics with editorial content to create an ownable look and feel for MAS. The response has been extremely positive, not only in regard to the diversity of the content, but the way in which the content is being communicated.

Readers thoroughly enjoy the fresh, unexpected style, and tell us it is a premium publication. – Nicola Airey, MAS

Sustainable practices

When designing each issue, we have maintained a conscious effort to use sustainable practises, aligning with MAS’s values of a healthy and sustainable future for all New Zealanders. Using paper that meets environmental standards, the magazine is then packaged in an eco-friendly degradable wrap. 

Four issues later, we are still receiving positive, anecdotal feedback from both Members and the general public. MAS are often asked if the magazine can be purchased by the general public, and has been told it is the only Membership magazine their Members like to keep. 



Consume a sample of some fast paced creative eye candy here.