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A power company you can love

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Can you love a power company?

Our collective start for this campaign was focussed on articulating the unique feeling and experience a customer can have with Powershop, a company that has always prided itself on being relatable, distinctive and for the people. The new brand platform shows a typical Powershop customer in a not so typical relationship.

We agreed to try and make the mundane a bit magical and undeniably Powershop.
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PWR0014-Street Furniture-2160x3840-OOH-Hairdryer.jpg
PWR0014-Street Furniture-2160x3840-OOH-Couch2.jpg

Power personified

Teaming up with our buddies at Assembly and MBM we brought this platform idea to life in all sorts of weird and wonderful places. Chris Bleackley, our ECD, says “With great power comes great responsibility, so when we were asked to create a campaign showing Powershop’s unique customer relationship, we decided to challenge the status quo of the category. We agreed to try and make the mundane a bit magical and undeniably Powershop. The team at Assembly have helped us bring this big pink loveable manifestation of Powershop to life.”

Interactive web banners let the viewer engage directly with this mysterious, pink character.

Getting personal

For a power company that’s seeking a closer relationship with customers, it made sense to run an ad in the ‘personal' section of the classifieds. The number linked to the Powershop website where they could get to know each other better. 

Apologies to anybody who called hoping to actually get hold of something big and pink. Different section.



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