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Powershop brand awareness: Year 1

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Can you love a power company? 

Powershop were the original challenger in the market. Always relatable, distinctive and for the people. But things were getting crowded, as other challengers came along and joined the big traditional players. That left Powershop stuck in the middle. They needed to boost their brand awareness and remind people what made them different.

Teaming up with Assembly and MBM we brought Powershop to life. Putting a face and an attitude to an otherwise invisible and intangible entity.

Across TV, OOH and social we showed a typical customer in a not-so-typical relationship with Powershop.

Our big, pink personification of power was hard to miss, challenging the status quo of who’s in charge and what it means to be with a power company. We even ran an ad in the personals section of the classifieds.

The results were also standout...

And we were just getting started.
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