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Case study: Powershop brand awareness

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The problem 

Highly regarded for their service and customer relationships, Powershop has experienced great growth over the last few years. They have achieved their market share thanks to their competitive pricing and their ability to bring a bit of fun into the world of power. 

But, they’re not as well known as they should be, and they lack some of the cut through of their competitors. So, how do we help Powershop become one of New Zealand’s most loved brands? 

How do we help Powershop become one of New Zealand’s most loved brands?
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Start with good data

Using DOT's data product Ethel to track sentiment, we were able to identify a sustained issue for the power industry; a growing trend of apathy and distrust towards our power suppliers. 

Therein lies a major issue for this industry, how can they establish a positive (and even loving) relationship with their customers, allowing them to retain and avoid seasonal churn, when they’re faced with the momentous challenge of apathy? 

And then there’s Powershop’s own challenge of awareness, or lack thereof, in an environment where their competitors are more prominent household names. 

Prompted awareness data has shown that in the last four years bigger competitors such as Genesis, Meridian, Contact, Mercury and Trustpower all sit between 80% and 90% of customer recall. Whereas Powershop sits at 50% for prompted awareness and at just 20 - 25% when unprompted. 

Despite this, the data tells us that once customers join Powershop they remain loyal and powerful advocates. Proving to have one of the strongest customer bases in the market. 

Rating well above average for customer satisfaction, Powershop have been awarded the 2018 and 2019 People’s Choice Award from Consumer NZ and have won the Canstar Blue award for Most Satisfied Customers six out of seven times. 

We surmised that in order to combat a generalised apathy and a lack of awareness, Powershop needed some brave and memorable storytelling to show just how their customers feel about their brand.


Add smart creative

Our collective start for this campaign was focussed on articulating the unique feeling and experience a customer can have with Powershop, a company that has always prided itself on being relatable, distinctive and for the people. The new brand platform shows a typical Powershop customer in a not so typical relationship.

Power personified

Teaming up with our buddies at Assembly and MBM we brought this idea to life, or more aptly, we brought Powershop to life.

We asked ourselves, why is it so easy to be apathetic toward your power company? And yet, what makes Powershop so loved by their customers? We think it might have to do with their knack for making power a bit more personal. So what better way to communicate this than personifying that power. Bringing a face and a body to an otherwise invisible and intangible entity. As humans, we’re physical and social beings, and perhaps all we need to empathise and relate to our energy providers is a big pink manifestation of power. 

Chris Bleackley, our ECD, says “With great power comes great responsibility, so when we were asked to create a campaign showing Powershop’s unique customer relationship, we decided to challenge the status quo of the category. We agreed to try and make the mundane a bit magical and undeniably Powershop.”

Getting personal

For a power company that’s seeking a closer relationship with customers, it made sense to run an ad in the ‘personal' section of the classifieds. The number led callers to the Powershop website where they could get to know each other a bit better. “If you’re looking for a happy power relationship, let’s hook up!” 

Apologies to anybody who called hoping to actually get hold of something big and pink … that’s a different section.

See more of the campaign here.

We decided to challenge the status quo of the category. We agreed to try and make the mundane a bit magical and undeniably Powershop.

Change the world

We didn’t exactly change the world, but we certainly moved plenty of needles for the good people of Powershop, specifically in awareness and consideration. 

The memorable creative, saw a 26% lift in brand awareness, which is the largest MBM have seen in a Youtube Brand Lift Study, with a 19 sec average viewing time and a 41% video completion rate – both exceeding the benchmarks for these metrics. The campaign outperformed previous brand campaigns in terms of impressions and completion rates, achieving a more cost-effective cost per completed view (CPCV) and cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM).

Powershop also experienced outstanding acquisition during the campaign period, being the fastest growing retailer for the two consecutive months following the campaign (November and December). 

In October, Powershop gained 1,195 new customers, their performance just second to major competitor, Electric Kiwi.

And in November, they had their strongest month of growth since 2012, gaining a further 1,384 new customers – largely made up of Residential gains, a key target group for Powershop. 

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Media channels

Cinema, Out of Home (Billboards, Mall screens), Television, Social, Digital, Print


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