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Powershop: it's a power shift

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For too long, electricity retailers have held the power over consumers by dictating how they pay for their power. Powershop was the first retailer to recognise that it didn’t need to be that way. The campaign highlights how Powershop does this, literally shifting the power to the customers’ hands by giving people the opportunity to interact with and influence the advertising.

“Power-shift” was rolled out across a number of unique, interactive out of home channels nation-wide, including interactive mall panels, where the user can move the creative using gesture and facial recognition technology, stair counters at the Britomart train station that count foot traffic in response to a question and Phantom Billsticker panels that are able to be changed by the user.

The campaign also used video and digital content through pre-roll, cinema, social and interactive digital media. The media context and people’s annoyance with ads helped to inform the creative, allowing viewers to ‘shift’ this media, and unique video content demonstrated how a frustrating experience with an ad can turn into one of entertainment.

While final campaign results are not yet in, initial results from digital are very promising. Interactive digital banners have seen fantastic interaction, with the top best performing creative having an average interaction of 6 seconds. 

Standard display banners achieved a click through rate of up to three times the industry benchmark
Interactive digital banners also far outstripped the industry benchmarks

The aim of the videos was to disrupt the usual experience users would have with ads. Video completion rates were very high, however more surprising were the click through rates generated from pre-roll, which were uncharacteristically high. They reached over five times the industry benchmarks which meant we could drive more engaged traffic to site.

We are looking forward to seeing this shift continue across the rest of the campaign. 

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