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The Stakeout

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Think you know the trades? Think again

The Building Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) has launched its latest campaign encouraging New Zealanders to consider a construction trade as a career.   

This campaign welcomes the return of Michael and his family after last year’s Tricky Chat. While Michael has now started his construction apprenticeship, Dad still believes it all sounds too good to be true.

This campaign isn’t just helping thousands of young New Zealanders find careers, but changing the perception of an entire industry.

To position the trades as a clever career choice for young Kiwis, BCITO know they have to target the influencers and parents of school leavers and tackle the prejudices they have against a career in the trades.

To set up the campaign, The Stakeout was preceded by a video-led teaser campaign, asking audiences to share what they think happened between Michael and his parents.

People’s prejudices don’t change overnight and that is reflected in the outdated attitude of Michael’s Dad.
“It’s a light-hearted ad but with an important role to play in dispelling the negative perception about a career in construction.” Asharie Martelletti, Head of Marketing at BCITO
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