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Trade Me Insurance

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Trade Me Insurance

Uncomplicating the Complicated

In tackling the brief we teamed up with sister-company Octave to undertake a thorough audit of all content on the site. We then gave it a good spring clean. 

The logic for the look needed to sit comfortably within the wider Trade Me brand positioning “Life Lives Here”. We also wanted to help overcome the “insurance is dry, boring and hard to understand” mindset that so many Kiwi's have, especially the younger demographic. With this in mind, we collaborated with Trade Me to develop a new statement for insurance: "Uncomplicating the Complicated.”

There’s a simplicity and immediacy to the visual language that mirrors Trade Me Insurance’s value proposition.

Setting a tone for the brand: vibrant, charming and relatable

We reworked the messaging to be easy to digest, while maintaining a voice of authority that made sense with Trade Me’s tone. On top of this we layered bold brand colour and custom photography. Finally we produced a suite of explainer videos to answer the challenge of delivering complex messages in under 30 seconds.

‘Our precious things’ are heroed in these miniature insurance scenarios.


Consume a sample of some fast paced creative eye candy here.