Trumbers, TrumpFace & Twitter

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Based on Twitter, the Trumbers campaign combined honest figures with deadpan humour to engage with people discussing the President on both sides of the political divide.

No conversation was too big or small – we’ve covered everything from phony Coronavirus cures and racist rants to ill-timed golfing trips.

Just like TrumpFace, Trumbers is a working typeface, and can be downloaded and used freely by anyone.

Tweets viewed by more than 1 million people, thousands of comments, retweets and loves and an engagement rate that’s 35 times above average
Shared with the Republican Party and Donald Trump himself as well as being banned four times (probably for hurting someone’s feelings)

TrumpFace is a display typeface designed by the team at EightyOne to commemorate the trials and tribulations of the 45th President of the United States of America.

Each letter of TrumpFace is designed to highlight a different aspect of his tenure as commander in chief – topics that are all part of a wider global conversation being vividly illustrated in today’s America.

It is your unalienable right to download this typeface and use it free of charge in pursuit of your design dreams.

God bless America.

TrumpFace T-Shirt
"I know words. I have the best words."
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TrumpFace A-Z (C)

If you do download the typeface we would love a credit. We’d also love to see what you do with it so please feel free to share. #trumpfacetype

You can download the OpenType typeface, instructions and licence here: TrumpFace Regular

Alternatively you can also download a free type sheet here: TrumpFace type sheet EPS


Consume a sample of some fast paced creative eye candy here.