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The Wellington Effect

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WellingtonNZ General Manager Anna Calver says the campaign is aiming to attract visitors from around New Zealand over winter, when the city’s tourism businesses tend to be quieter.

“There’s loads of events, great dining and shopping but it’s also just really fun and inspiring. Coming here makes you see things differently. It invigorates and spurs you to try new things. It makes you see life with fresh eyes and might even make you fall in love with your partner all over again. It might even transform you – if you let it – and make you feel young again.”

"EightyOne are not just clever thinkers, they’re also great hustlers. They’ve gone above and beyond to find the perfect talent, music, locations" – Anna Calver, WellingtonNZ

This idea was translated through TV, cinema, online, out of home and digital channels. Casting and wardrobe was critical to the storytelling. As our characters got progressively younger we needed to ensure their transitions were seamless. We also really wanted to hero iconic Wellington locations such as the view over Oriental Parade, the Cuba Street night markets and Wellington’s thriving second hand clothing scene. We also wanted to collaborate with Wellington partners and worked with the Wellington Ukulele Orchestra to compose an original backing track. 

“Our mission at WellingtonNZ is to make the Wellington region wildly famous. To do that we need to find creative partners who share our love of Wellington and can turn that love into something magical. With The Wellington Effect, EightyOne have done just that – working with us to create a very charming campaign that talks to the inspiring and transformational nature of the city. And we think they’ve also struck gold with a new creative territory in The Wellington Effect that works not only for potential visitors to the region, but also students, businesses and talent.” Anna Calver. 

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