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Wellington Phoenix FC

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Wellington Phoenix FC

Eleven of our best. 

Eleven Wellington Phoenix players go out to battle each game. That’s why we shaped the Phoenix bird around each integral player in the team. With 10 parts to its wings, and a solitary tail-feather, this isn’t just any bird – this is the Phoenix.

The Phoenix are a proud Wellington, New Zealand team. The club's inscription ‘E Rere Te Keo’ draws on Māori mythology and the creation story of Wellington Harbour. In this story two taniwha take different approaches to the same challenge; to break out of their lake and burst through to the ocean.

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‘E Rere Te Keo’ is a rallying cry, like that of Ngake – the taniwha who achieved his goal through intelligent preparation and determination.
The new tohu (logo) takes inspiration from Ngake and aligns with central concepts of mana (respect); kaha (strength); and whanau and iwi (family and tribe).
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