We love to make stuff. It’s all about better than the last, more fun than the first and wondering what’s next. We are EightyOne, but we’re younger than we sound.

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Motion + Campaign

Have you seen this squirrel?

The launch of Fix & Fogg's Chocolate Hazelnut butter and Chocolate Almond butter created a bit of a stir in Wellington, home of the best nut butters. There was a lot of interest from one particular fan; a six foot tall, cheeky grey squirrel.

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Motion + Brand + Campaign

A power company you can love

Can you love a power company? With their service led, unique product offering and a ton of quirkiness, we suspect with Powershop, maybe you can.

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Motion + Campaign + Beyond

Team Talk Coasters

Unfortunately, mental health is a growing issue among Kiwi men, and we know that problems don’t seem quite so big if we share them.

We’ve teamed up with Movember to create a series of Team Talk Coasters that will raise money to help fund programmes aimed at tackling issues concerning men’s mental health.

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EightyOne Showreel

What's better than beautiful design? When it moves, that's what. Check out the highlights of our recent animation, motion graphics and videography here.

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Motion + Brand + Campaign

Awareness for Consumer

Consumer NZ identified a need to increase awareness around the diversity of their offering, and to speak to a younger demographic of discerning Kiwi consumers. What followed was digital-led campaign designed to surprise and engage with its audience.

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Motion + Campaign + Beyond

Support Women's Sport

Coverage of women’s sport in New Zealand is no laughing matter. We want to increase the profile of our female athletes and champion greater media coverage. If we’re serious about making change, let’s do it on a scale never seen before, like gaining the naming rights to the Basin Reserve.

An act like this requires your support, so please help us increase visibility for our women in sport and make a donation today.

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Motion + Brand + Campaign

The Wellington Effect

We worked with WellingtonNZ (WREDA) to create a campaign centred around the thought that Wellington inspires and invigorates all those who visit, making you feel young again. It suggests that a break in the Capital may be able to reverse the aging process; something we call The Wellington Effect.

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Motion + Brand + Campaign

Powershop: it's a power shift

Power-shift is a brand awareness campaign like no other. A nationwide campaign featuring unique, interactive out of home installations, interactive mall panels using gesture and facial recognition technology, foot traffic counters and user controlled Phantom Billsticker panels all designed to entertain, amuse and empower their audience.

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Brand + Campaign

Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year

This year, we couldn’t have been prouder to have worked behind the scenes, helping Kiwibank honour two very special individuals who have selflessly given their time, vision and creativity to make a positive impact within their communities and the country as a whole.

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TrumpFace is a display typeface designed by the team at EightyOne to commemorate the trials and tribulations of the 45th President of the United States of America.

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Motion + Brand + Campaign

Terracotta Warriors

How do you capture the breath-taking awe of the greatest archeological find of the 20th century? We worked closely with Te Papa and WREDA on this world-class opportunity – bringing the story of China’s first emperor to life.

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Motion + Brand

Trade Me Insurance

On the back of some data led digital acquisition work, EightyOne were engaged to review the Trade Me Insurance platform and develop a visual identity across TMI’s existing website structure, video content and digital presence.

In partnership with Octave we examined the current content structure, tone of voice, information architecture and user experience and then worked with TMI to develop a set of recommendations to refresh their content and experience.

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Motion + Brand

Kiwibank Social Content

Our growing relationship with Kiwibank has taken us on a journey of fast-paced, fascinating content – we've celebrated Mother's Day and Labour Day, recognised Māori New Year and Conservation Week, and promoted Money Week. Together we weave animation, video and design to tell meaningful New Zealand stories.

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Motion + Brand

Wellington Phoenix FC

Changing the logo of a football club is a big deal. Do it for the wrong reasons, or in the wrong way, and a club can lose thousands of fans. And let’s face it, we need all the fans we can get!

To us the Phoenix logo just wasn’t Wellington enough. Great football logos are simple, strong, and represent the area they come from. So we made the new logo a pared back version of the old one. We made it solid black on Phoenix Yellow. We made the lines stronger and cleaner.

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Motion + Brand

David Reid Homes

David Reid Homes asked us to create a platform that is true to their unique processes and outcomes. We set out to speak to their high level of craft in building and design and their core message of Designed for You.

Our core idea is that everything starts with a blank piece of paper. We wanted to show the process of designing a house with David Reid Homes as an effortless process with an impeccable level of craftsmanship.

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